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Why Not to Buy Facebook Likes & Twitter Followers

As a digital marketing consultant I get asked one question allot  more than any other, on the topic; how to grow a vibrant social community and increase it’s presence quickly. The question that I’m usually asked is, “Should we BUY Facebook likes or Twitter followers?”  That way people new to the page will see the buzz and think that everyone else likes this page and that they should too.

At first thought buying followers and getting the ball rolling with engaged content sounds like the answer to everyones prayers. Well think again it’s not. And it can actually do your business a great deal of harm in the long run. Growing a community is a process and cutting corners could spell disaster. Lets take a look at why with the five top reasons not to buy Facebook Likes & Twitter Followers

1. Fake Accounts = Low Engagement / Low Edgerank Score

The Likes and Followers are REAL accounts but not REAL PEOPLE as advertised.  Your engagement will be drastically lowered by having a bunch of people who do not, will not, and can not interact. engage, or take part in your community.  Having puffed up numbers will hurt you Edgerank Score* so Facebook will lower your posts making it even harder to be seen by your potential fans.

Instead: Be patient Nurture the fans and followers you have get to know them by engaging with them in a meaningful manner on their feed and your wall you’ll grow your following pretty steady. Also people will know you’re not a zombie.

2. Feeding Zombies is a Huge Waste Of Money

If you buy zombie followers boosting a post is practically useless now as you will never know if you are paying for Facebook to promote your content to a bunch of zombie accounts. So the more fake followers you buy the worse time you’ll have at growing engagement with the real followers you actually have.

Instead: Take the time to target potential followers and fans by by creating content that is engaging to their tastes and interests. Usually for less than the cost of buying followers you can have a professional create engaging content for you.

3. It is Perfectly Legal However, It’s Unethical. 

These social zombie services usually advertise that buying fans and followers absolutely legal but what they don’t tell you is buying followers and likes generated by bots is against Twitter and Facebook terms and frowned upon by the public. If your found out you could get your account banned and all your hard work and hard cash would be down the drain.

Instead: Ask yourself why you want this page in the first place, ” Why are we here?” Im hoping its for business or to be informational.  Well buying zombies is counter intuitive to you making money as seen from reason one and two.

4. Scams, Some of these services Require the Password To your Account

Hmmm… I dont think so. Targeted services that use your account to follow high refollow accounts usually require your password and access to your account.  I dont think I need to say more about letting the zombies in..

Instead: Hire a reputable marketing agency for less than the cost you would spend on the useless zombies.

5. You’re Not Fooling Anybody

Ever since Mitt Romney was accused of buying Twitter followers in 2012 the world is watching. There are toPicard Meme Buying Likes & Followers.jpeg 800x600ols and services that analyze accounts and can tell how many inactive and fake accounts a user has. The zombies cant hide anymore they are out in the open. Besides common sense says if you just started your account and now have 100,000 followers that you have been fatally bitten.  Likewise if you have allot of followers and very little engagement on your content this is counterintuitive. Remember the zombies bought will not be engaging with your content.

Instead: Join the land of the living, follow social media best practices. Engage with the influencers in your industry you will grow your community organically you will appreciate it sooner then later. Remember these people you engage with are actually your fans, followers, customers, and/or clients. Show them some respect by showing them who you really are. *Edgerank is an algorithm developed by Facebook to govern what is displayed—and how high—on the News Feed it is displayed.

Nicholas Evangelisti
Marketing Consultant, CEO Sirius DIgital Marketing
Facebook: /SiriusDigitalMarketing
Twitter: @SiriusAgency

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